Hog's Back Paddock Services
Hog's Back Paddock Services Ltd is a family business run by husband-and-wife team of Neil and Terena. Part-time tractor-drivers and labourers help us cope during the busy times and we have a small network of related businesses which we can sub-contract to help offer a wide range of services, from topping to drainage. We also manage the land and animals for a small farm business at Long Common Farm in Wanborough, Surrey.

Neil and Terena have both been working on the land since childhood, variously on dairy farms, equestrian holdings and meat-producers. We enjoy looking after the land and animals, including doing our best to improve the environment for wildlife, and will advise our customers the best approach for the environment as well as any crop considerations. This is especially important when spraying chemicals or spreading fertilizer as it is often the case that wildlife does not share our desires for a perfect green mono-culture across many acres of countryside. Neil is a member of the National Register of Sprayer Operators (NRoSO), a voluntary scheme to control the commercial use of pesticides and promote best-practice.

We have been growing over the past few years and are expanding into more-mobile equipment (i.e compact tractors and implements) to help us increase our coverage area and cater for smaller properties more efficiently, although our core business is still with full-sized tractors.
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