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Hedge and Fence Services
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We can trim or restore your hedges and fence your fields. We dig new ditches or clear old.

Hedge triming by tractor-mounted flail from August but we prefer to do later to help wildlife by leaving berries and hocks in place - Jan to March ideal if the ground permits. A hedge that is trimmed every 2 to 3 years will provide good wildlife habitat, give shelter and privacy and look good. Trimming every year is only recommended where access (such as narrow paths), visibility (e.g. at road junctions) or particular tidiness (such as the approach to your yard) is required. A hedge that has not been cut for several years will become spindly and open. It will look horrible for the first year after cutting but will regenerate remarkably quickly. Best done as late as possible just before or as the season's growth starts in March.

Our fencing options include round or half-round driven stakes of 5'6" or 6' with 8' strainers and struts as required with barbed wire, stock fencing, horse fencing or plain wire (electrified or not), electric tape/rope/wire amd half-round or square post and rail, plus many combinations.

e.g. 3' Tornado horse fence with barbed wire single top strand and single mild steel electrified wire on 6' round posts with strainers every 50m or each change of direction. Ideal for horses prone to escape.

e.g. Square-section post and triple-rail with stock fencing sandwiched and double mild-steel electric on top and middle rail. Ideal for mixed horses and livestock where a smart look is required such as alongside a driveway or next to the stable yard.

We can install new wooden or metal gates on wooden or metal posts.