Hog's Back Paddock Services
Topping and Regular Paddock Maintenance
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Topping will stop weeds from getting too strong a hold or spreading, while improving the grass and encouraging new growth. 

Leaving the cut grass as a mulch adds nutrients and improves the soil, but sometimes it is also desiarable to remove the cut material, especially if ragwort is present.  

We have rough and fine, small and large toppers (from 4 to 15 feet wide that cut from 1 to 25cm) and can collect the clippings which we can either leave in an appropriate place (e.g. on your muck heap) or remove from site completely.   

We can harrow and roll pasture as regularly as needed during the growing season, apply selective weedkillers and add fertilizer and lime.  If required we can also strim around fence lines, manually pull ragwort, remove muck, erect and repair fences and gates, install water troughs and much more.